Product descriptions end up being the last thing on most small business owners’ and drop shippers’ to-do-lists. Despite this, product descriptions are crucially important for influencing potential buyers. The overall purpose of this article is to show why skipping product descriptions is a huge mistake and how conversion rates are heavily dependent upon good product descriptions and listings both on personal sites and large ecommerce sites, such as Amazon.

At a restaurant, if one is confused about selecting the right meal, they ask the waiter to help pick by providing required information of different dishes from the menu. Similarly, an effective product description helps a casual customer understand the features and benefits of a particular product, while keeping in view his needs and necessities. It is a form of marketing copy, used to explain the utility of a product when it comes to supplying information to customers and, in turn, compelling them to buy. It is also crucial to mention that a good product listing would not just contain banal descriptions but also should augment product pages by selling items to real people and not serve as dispensable information for search engine optimization. 

Summarizing briefly, a good product listing can help with –

  • Increasing casual to serious customers conversions
  • Increasing market demands for unpopular items
  • Building trust between buyer and seller
  • Minimizing customer inquiries and smooth market inflow. 

Why Care About Product Listings?

In 2018-19, a marketing study noted a 79% increase in conversions for listed products than listings that just using manufacturer’s specifications or trust badges. As a business owner, it is important to understand what parts of your sales funnel are creating confusion, and then use that information in your descriptions. Answering these questions before they have to go and ask them has the potential to either make or break the sale. Leading e-commerce hubs like Amazon, Flipkart, and Ebay make sure to include extensive descriptions that can help reluctant customers or even ideal buyers to build trust with a brand by addressing them directly and personally. The most important breakthrough here is that an honest product listing can solve problems that a customer might not even know they have yet. Some of the keynotes of good product listings are –

  • Highlight the features directly and benefits indirectly of a product.
  • Cut through rational overviews with specific mini-stories
  • Solve customer deadlocks of buying a product by assuring them that they are on the right page and not derailing them further
  • Provide realistic suggestions against popularity outbursts.
  • Ranke higher in the SERPs due to supplemental proper keywords.

How to Write Good Product Listings

Becoming aware of good writing practices does not necessarily help out with actually writing a good product. As it is a specialized part of marketing, one must know how to write product listings. This is a job that cannot be given to a novice, for there are certain specific keywords that affect product listings. A good description helps a potential customer to not only understand what your product does, but also what your company stands for.

Some of the crucial tricks are –

Input synonymous keywords: It’s very crucial to include a wide variety of relevant keywords in order to increase visibility on search results, which helps in higher conversions. By using limited keywords, even a good product can lose out on potential buyers and sales. This can reduce the chances of ranking on the first page of any online marketplace not because of the product quality but for the absence of keywords on your listing. Two things are necessary to find targeted sales:

  1. Listing words directly related to the basic feature and benefit of a product.
  2. Targeting words most searched by customers.

Target ideal buyers: While listing a product, it’s very important to form it on the basis of real customers. Flashy lines or keywords must be kept in the backseat and serious insights, if possible, must be served with a bit of matured humor (though not in all niches) so that it can tempt the customer on a personal level.
Additionally, like any other part of marketing, you need to understand your target demographic. If you’re targeting a younger demographic, humor might work better than with an older group. Also, if your demographic is not particularly technologically inclined, using insider jargon is more likely to turn them off. You need to make sure that your customers can understand what you’re saying, and you need to make sure that what you are saying is engaging to them.

Optimize your listing: As the inclusion of several keywords can increase product visibility, keyword ‘placement’ gains importance. In order to maintain ranking status and indexing, keyword optimization is observed. By these four strongholds, ranking is made easier-

  • Place keywords in titles, bullet points, product description and back-end search terms.

Perfect your title and most visible content: It is a known fact that a title determines the existence of a product in the marketplace. A catchy title with less overstuffed keywords is the stronghold for attracting visitors. Its length is also crucial in order that it not puzzle the customer. The Amazon SEO Guide is the right place to get hold of the rules for keywords in titles. Apart from that, good bullet points are necessary to reflect the strong benefits/features in quick succession. Depending on the market hype, powerful bullets uphold targeted information in order to accelerate customer findings. Lastly, a good back-end description can ensure sales reach and more conversions in terms of searches.

Include images: Don’t be scared to include images in your product descriptions. Having nice, engaging images can help too draw your customer’s attention into the content. If they are scanning a page and see an interesting image, that will capture their attention better than even the most eloquent of writing.

HTML Formatting: The easiest way to write HTML descriptions is to first write the description content and then add the respective HTML tags and codes and finally removing all spaces and line breaks to maintain the character limit. Formatting the description is crucial so as to ensure reader-friendly texts.

Bottom Line

In order to make efficient listings, the Amazon Product Listing Template comes in handy. Making a good product listing is not an impossible task but inflow of customers is only possible with identifying the proper buyer and the casual one. A good product description should make the buyer close with a strong call to action, mostly asking them to choose the right product without further ado. 

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